Government Nursing Grants in NY

Individuals who wish to take up nursing but are lacking in financial resources can apply for government grants.

Students from all nursing schools can apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The information provided in the FAFSA is used to record the applicant’s Student Aid Report.  This system will delineate the amount of financial grant that the student can apply for. Financial aid programs funded by federal and state governments require the submission of this form. Hence, nursing students must prioritize this prior to looking for scholarships. Once you have accomplished this step, it is now possible to check out the following NY nursing school scholarships:

Possible Scholarship Grants to Consider

  • Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarship is meant to help increase the number of competent nurse-educators in New York. The maximum award is $20,000 for every scholastic year. Potential candidates must agree to a four-year term of practice teaching nursing in any New York state nursing school.
  • The New York State Tuition Assistance Program provides nursing students with almost $5,000 tuition aid for every school year. Only legal residents of New York who have attended a post-secondary institution in the state are qualified. Program recipients have to meet specific income restraints and the amount of the grant can be reduced if their income goes up. Contact any representative of the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation at 99 Washington Avenue in Albany, New York 12255.
  • Among the grants for nursing school in New York is the Regents Professional Opportunity Scholarship Program. However, this is subject to available appropriations made available by the New York State Legislature. Each qualified student can get up to $5,000 annually. The money can be used as payment for school expenses. Applicants must be legal residents of New York for at least one year before the start of the academic year. He or she must also be enrolled in any of the accredited nursing programs in NY. The applicant’s participation in the program should make it possible for the student to be given nursing state licensure. This grant is limited to nursing degree and cannot go beyond the cost of the program. The program can be provided for a total of 220 students subject to the necessary amount that will be appropriated by lawmakers. Application forms may be accessed from the website of the New York State Regents.

    New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC)
    Division of Grants and Scholarships/Scholarship
    Unit 99 Washington Avenue Albany, NY 12255

  • New York high school students who wish to enter nursing school may be eligible for the New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence award. Students must attain the prescribed score for pre-defined examinations recognized by the Higher Education Regents to qualify for the award. Successful applicants should also finish high school. Application forms can be submitted through high school guidance counselors. The contact details are as follows:

    New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence Award
    New York State Higher Education Services Corporation
    99 Washington Avenue
    Albany, New York 12255

    The state of New York strives to help students from various walks of life to enjoy respectable college education. This applies to young people who wish to attend the best nursing schools. That is why financial aid programs have been conceived as a form of assistance to worthy students of the state of New York.