Surviving Nursing School

The path to a successful nursing career is riddled with challenges. Read our tips below on how to survive and even thrive in nursing school.

The nursing career is a very big challenge. It is a well-paid profession but you have to complete your education and hurdle all obstacles before becoming a full-pledge nurse. Nursing school is where you gain academic proficiency and practical training. However, you have to learn how to survive the rigors and demands of this degree. The following are pointers that you can adopt so it will be easier for you to endure the best nursing schools and become successful in your career.

Useful Survival Tips

  • You need to have sufficient financial resources if you plan to attend any nurse school since this is an expensive program. It may also help if your load can be reduced especially if you have full-time work. This will take away considerable pressure and allow you to focus on daily lessons, assignments and other requirements. Study grants and educational loans are given out by some accredited nursing schools for those who are not financially capable but show potential as promising nurses. Federal loans are also available which is about $5,000 and a big help to those who need additional money for tuition and other fees. The key is to make plans in advance so you can cope with any expectations.
  • Do not neglect your family. This can be a way of reducing the stress of attending nursing school. Spending time with your loved ones will definitely take away the strain that goes with taking up this course. Besides your family will be with you all the way in this venture towards personal success.
  • Refrain from being absent in class because every lecture, assignment and activity count a lot in all nursing schools. You have to attend classes, listen carefully and digest all instructions, study hard, and preserve all information for your examinations. Do not allow the boring times and tiresome undertakings to get in your way.
  • Try to invest in reference materials and text books. Purchase a minimum of two text books for the NCLEX review during your initial year of nursing school. Make sure to allot one hour every week to review questions that you take up in school. This should increase to two hours weekly on your second year if you really want to pass the NCLEX examinations on your first attempt. Study your books, journals and other references thoroughly. Nursing schools are quite strict but you can alleviate the stress by allocating five hours each week to study your lessons. Buy a nursing kit if possible to help in re-acquainting yourself with practical learning skills.
  • Make sure that going to good nursing schools is your first choice. Do a research of all nursing programs if this is your first time to take up the course. Look for the most appropriate program whether it is a traditional degree or an online nursing school. It can be a very tough commitment in terms of finances and time. Explain this to your friends and family members since these people will be the ones to help you in case of problems.