What are Nursing School Admissions Requirements?

There are various qualifications to be attained before one can apply for nursing school. Nursing hopefuls have to be prepared in order to successfully get into a nursing program of their choice.

Serious nursing candidates have to be well-versed with numerous nursing school requirements.  These are things that you should take into consideration before taking a nursing degree. It is important to know all these requirements to eliminate any hassles as you go along. These include the application process and all school requirements.

Undergraduate Nursing School

Undergraduate prerequisites for nursing school are similar to majority of requirements in college. There are steps that you need to follow such as filling up your application and submitting this to the school of your choice before the indicated deadline. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA if you wish to avail of financial assistance. One option is to take part in an admissions interview in the nursing school of your choice. Grab the opportunity once it is available since not all colleges have available resources to interview each student.

Find out records that should be included and examinations that you have taken in the past such as Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and entrance tests for nursing schools. You can apply for pertinent scholarship grants through the academic institution or other entities. Candidates are asked to submit their high school diplomas, results for General Education Development Test and Grade Point Average requirements.

Applications and Examinations for Nursing Schools

Applications for all nursing schools require your maximum attention because incomplete forms are not considered particularly for relatively competitive programs. It is advisable to attend workshops, information campaigns, open houses and seminars in schools of your preference. Take note of all application deadlines because the best nursing schools are very particular about this matter. Certain universities and colleges accept students based on applications and academic qualifications which mean that no interview is granted. Make sure that all items in your application form are answered correctly. Top nursing schools choose students with above average scores in mathematics and science subjects.

Entrance examinations are not mandatory. However, there are tests that you have to keep in mind such as the:

  • Pre-Admission Exam for Registered Nurses given through the National League for Nursing and made up of Verbal skills, Science and Mathematics
  • Test of Essential Academic Skills that includes English, Mathematics, Science and Reading Comprehension
  • Nurse Entrance Test which tests candidates in reading, math, stress, social interaction, testing abilities, and learning skills
  • Health Education Systems testing

Graduate Level Nursing

Graduate level nursing school requirements include the following:

  • Degree in BSN from any accredited nursing school or bachelor’s degree in a non-related field
  • License as registered nurse and complete application form that has to be submitted before the deadline to include transcript of records
  • Required letters of recommendation and examinations such as the Graduate Record Examinations
  • Application fees
  • Statement of career objectives and fields of specialization

All nursing schools are generally strict with the application process. That is why you have to understand all the requirements of all the schools where you are applying and follow these strictly. An impressive application with good academic records grants you the opportunity to enroll in a nursing school program in the country.